A CrossFit Love Letter

Dear FitFam member –

There’s nothing that we want more than to wake up at 4:03am and see your tired faces at the 5/6am WOD.  I miss driving to those classes and wonder how to make the 5am class less zombie like.  Or how to reel the 6am class back to focus because Travis made an “interesting” joke.  I miss the weights dropping…such a satisfying sound.  The sweat angels, the fist bumps.  The 9:15am crew hanging around and all of sudden it’s Noon already.  Seeing 4:30 and 5:30pm peeps roll in and just knowing that they worked a long hard day, yet they know the importance of their investment, so they choose to get their WOD on instead of grabbing a beer right after work.

Oh how we want all of this.

Hang tight!  These are uncertain times, but one thing for certain is that you have resilience!  At CF 7070, we “Elevate above barriers”.  Fully buying into the CrossFit methodology will hedge sickness.  We know that the physically fit are the most mentally tough.  We know that by being fit, you are using less medical supplies.  We choose to be active in the world’s problems, instead of adding to them.

As you make your way back to the box, it may look different.  There are likely going to be some changes:  30 minutes between classes as well as attendance limits (which means no kids…and you know the VanderMeer’s love kids).  We’ll leave cleaning solution everywhere.  Our gym cleaner, Coach Asher, should be nicknamed “Mr. Clean” and not because of his clean P.R.  We’ll ask you to stay home if you’re not feeling okay.  We’ll continue to personally train you online FOR AS LONG AS YOU NEED!  If you need a mindset meeting with Coach Elisa, or a nice relaxing yoga sesh with Coach Sara — we’ve got you.  Or, if you just want to talk, we would love nothing more.

So while that may seem different on the surface…is it though?  Your community is still there no matter what.  Bright Spot Fridays have shined brighter than ever before in the last couple weeks (by the way…FB fan or not, you need to join the member’s page!).  We’re still going to wish you Happy Birthday, go to your wedding, bring you meals, ring the PR bell, write on the Bright spots board, do the silly Harry Potter comps.

We’re also there for the not so good times.  Sometimes “Athlete Check-ins” become an outlet to air out just how much life can be screwed up.  We know the feeling of throwing some weights down with a little extra gusto because we had a bad day at work.  We’ve had members lose their parents, lose their love…but we’re still here.

Oh how we can’t wait.

We can’t wait to yell at your lack of squat depth on a wall-ball, or tell you to get your elbows up faster on a clean. CrossFit has changed my life for the better.  When Chelsea told Shannon to hang her cane on the wall because CF had made it useless, it really changed our lives.  We know how to move, how to teach movement, and we do it all as a family. This Fitfam is going to keep moving no matter what.  Everything will be okay.  The hill may be steep, but it will be worth it.

Coach VanderMeer

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