Becoming More Resilient, Part 4: Meal Prep

Learning how to meal prep will save you time, money and reduce food waste giving you complete control over your food – perfect for anyone who wants to stay on track with their nutrition goals. 


My advice? Start small and keep it simple.


  • Starting with new to you recipes will only bog you down and leave you frustrated. Instead start with simple meal combinations of your favorite protein, carbohydrates, and fat. 


  • Not everyone has the time or energy to cook elaborate recipes. Plan to prep meals you have already mastered. For example, your Mom’s famous lasagna recipe.


  • For your first meal prep, only cook 2-3 days worth of food. For the remainder of the week plan to order takeout instead. This will eliminate any possibility of experiencing food boredom at the beginning of your journey.



  • Batch cook the same meal and portion it out. Prepping and eating the exact same meal every day can save time but it can also get boring. If you fear food boredom, make small tweaks to your meals like swapping in different carbohydrates to keep things interesting. 


Pro Tips…

  • Shop for groceries on Saturday mornings when the store is least busy.
  • Have a plan. A grocery list is a necessity for any serious meal prepper.
  • Do your cooking on Sunday morning after breakfast (while you’re already in the mindset for cooking) but try not to spend any longer than 60 minutes on it.

-Coach Chad

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