Have trouble sticking to the plan? Work with the best trainers in Northern Colorado Springs…

Everyone needs a goal, a plan and someone to hold them to the plan.

Like a personal trainer at CrossFit 7070, the best personal trainers in Northern Colorado Springs/ Tri-Lakes Area.

It is one thing to create a goal. It’s another to then create a plan to accomplish your goal.

But here is the hard part: sticking to the plan.

The problem most busy adults face isn’t a lack of knowledge. They know they need to work out and eat better.

The No. 1 problem most most busy adults face is they’re all over the place.

They run from workout to workout, diet to diet and they don’t repeat what’s working, and they try things and then try other things.

I know, because that was once me. I chase novelty. I’m attracted to shiny objects, and I think every new workout sounds so good that I must try it right away.

Luckily, I have coaches who write the workouts for me, help me build a plan and then—the critical step—hold me to it!

That’s what coaches do.

And even coaches need coaches.

You come to us with a goal. Our job is to give you a clear plan and then hold you to the plan.

Could you do it on your own? Possibly. You’ll have to research what exercises to do, how many sets to do, how many reps to do, how often to do them, buy equipment or join a gym anyway, set alarms to get up early, figure out your macros, and develop rigid adherence to your training and nutrition and sleep and recovery schedules.

But you and I know this almost never happens. When people do make progress on their own, it takes years and years of trial and error. Most times, people jump from one diet to the next, they try exercise programs but don’t stick with them, and they never really seem to get fitter despite sampling everything.

A personal trainer holds you to the plan after they build it for you. We help you avoid distraction, tell you exactly what to do, keep you on the path and actually get you the results you want. Faster.

Some people figure it out on their own—or seem to. Off the top of my head, I can’t name a single successful person who figured out a plan on their own and held themselves to it long term.

When you invest in a personal trainer, you’re buying speed. If your workouts and weight loss progress is already OK, then the personal trainer speeds up your progress. If your health is going downhill, the personal trainer first helps you stop the bleeding, then helps you reset the foundation with healthy habits, then helps you dial in your workouts and nutrition and then accelerates that progress.


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