The Culture of 7070 & Level Method: Powerful Moments

When you wash the dishes at home, do you get an applause from your family?

When you finish an email at work, are your co-workers asking you for a bright spots photo immediately after?

At 7070, we are all about bright spots and powerful moments.  It’s part of our mission here and how we build community.  And if you’ve ever been apart of a 7070 class, you’ll often see that the person who finishes last gets the most encouragement.

Since beginning with Level Method, we’ve averaged 79 levels per month (either a level up or a level entered).  The math works out to be almost 2000 levels in total.  That’s nearly 2000 powerful moments for our 7070 members!  More importantly, each of those is a step towards becoming a better version of yourself.

But don’t expect these bright spots to be given.  Those marks on the whiteboard take consistency and diligence in not only hitting the intent of the workout, but then going out in the other 23 hours of the day and being disciplined.  Someone getting their first pull-up for instance, may have been a few years in the making!  Just remember, if jumping over 2′ in the high jump is all it took to make the Olympic team, then the Olympics wouldn’t be so elite now would it?  And the bright spots board is a pretty special accomplishment…especially if you consider what impact it may have in that athlete’s life.

As we head into Level Method testing on August 3rd, let’s have a mindset on all the good that can come out of the next few weeks:

  • You might Level up and hit a new PR
  • Someone else might level-up and hit a new PR, and that’s just as fun to celebrate!
  • We could have a better athlete check-in.  (We use your levels to better coach you…what do you need to get better with? Why are you bonking in this type of workout?  Maybe nutrition is the issue, etc…)

Some of you live for these moments! But if you’re like others who get stressed our during these next couple weeks, remember that it’s an assessment:  a chance to see where you’re at, and with that info we can MAP out next steps.

We’re excited to see and workout with all of you during Podium Week.  Even in API!


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