What Do You Want?

It’s the question every average-red-velveted-mall-Santa asks children at this time of year: What do you want for Christmas? And usually, most every child has an idea (or two or three) of what they want. We, your above-average-CrossFit-coaches, would like to pose that same question to those of you who have obviously grown up but might still be a little childlike at heart: What do you want, not from Santa, but from CrossFit?

Maybe your 20th high school reunion is this next summer and you want to fit into that little black dress, or one of those tight-fitting t-shirts Tim McGraw wears. Fair enough, that’s a completely valid want. Maybe you’d like to up the ante on your fitness game and start entering competitions, not just for fun but for points. Excellent, we’ll put up a target on the wall with Matt Fraser or one of the Dottirs faces on it and you can sneer at them every day. Of course, maybe you want that delicious cocktail of camaraderie and exercise, and you’d like it in person as opposed to riding solo in your jammies on your uber-cool-albeit-slightly-overpriced-Peloton. Fanfreakintastic. C’mon, we’re like a family around here. Then again, maybe you’re not entirely sure what you want, but like the Little River Band sings – “It’s time for a cool change.” You want something different than what’s gone before, and some people you trust swear by this thing called CrossFit so you’re willing to give it a no-sweat intro. We can work with that, no prob.

What do you want? The answer to that question, sometimes fully formed but more than likely constantly evolving, is why you step in the box each morning or afternoon. Having an idea as to what you want is your anchor when it comes to health and fitness. Now as any sailor knows, the absence of an anchor leads to drift. And when it comes to CrossFit, that translates to missing a WOD here and there, then all of a sudden you wake up not having graced us with your presence in over a month. You look at the man or woman in the mirror and think, “Gosh, I’ve drifted.”

Only you can answer—What do you want?  But if you have even a faint idea, then we’ve got the training and tools to come alongside and help you get not only what you want, but maybe even what you need (cue the Stones). So, if you haven’t asked yourself that question in a while, take a moment or two this holiday season and ask. I read in an old book once that sometimes we have not because we ask not. That applies to life, and we believe that includes CrossFit.

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