Why 7070?

Our Mission: To elevate above barriers and become a better version of ourselves through fitness.  

We define barriers as obstacles in our life that hold us back from becoming the best version of ourselves.  CF becomes far more than just a hobby.  It becomes essential (whether the government defines it as such or not!).  We know this to be true because of the profound impact it has had in our own lives.

Before CF, Shannon had to walk with a cane and was constantly hurting from an auto-immune disease she suffered from known as Myasthenia gravis.  As I grew closer and closer to CF, her interest in CF grew farther and farther away because of the chronic pain she was dealing with.  Why would she want to do such an intense routine?  But after her first trip into the box, she noticed athletes modifying with the help of great coaching…and she was not so intimidated at that point.  Needless to say, walking with a cane on one day to later squatting nearly 300 pounds is quite the improvement…one that neither of us expected.  But it was at that point that through this methodology, and through a community of like minded individuals with similar goals, that this progress becomes a reality.  Ultimately, that cane on the wall is hung as a reminder of a barrier in our lives that we all can elevate above.

What’s your barrier?

Could you have spent more time with your kids today, and taught them a life lesson?

Are you not your best at work because of low energy?

Whatever your barrier is, CF 7070 is here to help you elevate.  And what exactly is CrossFit?  At 7070, it’s a complete strength and conditioning program with a brand new workout everyday, and it’s fun!  The fun comes through Community, Powerful Moments, and Coaching:


We believe in strength in numbers.  You’re going to know everyone here.  Be ready to have fun competing against some great people, and then talking all about it at all the fun events!  We do men’s/women’s nights, team intramurals, and more!  

Powerful Moments

We believe CF should be about this.  Your first pull-up, your first box jump, or the first time you were pain free when tying your shoe…we’re going to celebrate those moments!


We believe that we ought to be selling more than a fitness program.  We sell coaching and relationships.  We have a 10’ rule:  If you’re within 10 feet of a coach, we say hello, and ask how you’re doing.  We meet with our athletes every 90 days to check-in, talk goals, and take an InBody Scan.  And in class, be ready…we’re going to be relentless with you!

These are some beliefs that we have.  Now it’s your turn.  Believe that you CAN feel better, get stronger, and have a great time doing so.  You just have to get through that door!

See you in the gym,

Mark & Shannon


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