August Q&A: “Why are we including the weightlifting movements in the metcon?”

Every month, it’s our goal to address certain questions we hear our members expressing.  This month, as you’ve likely noticed in our group classes, we’ve had a certain movement come up in both the weightlifting/strength portion, and then come up again in the Metcon.  For example, we might have a heavy front squat session, and then in the Metcon we’re doing a 21-15-9 of Front Squats and burpees over bar.  This may be leaving some saying “What?! This is a ton of front squats in only a one hour class!”  But there is some justification for this (and we likely won’t change this format soon, so take note!)

We as CrossFitters don’t need “more”, we need “better”.  The power of CrossFit is in the movement, and we need the full hour to become better at these movements.  Imagine a class that has a back squat session, and then it leads into a metcon of snatches and rope climbs.  To fit all of this in, almost certainly some of these movements would be ignored in both its coaching and progressions.  But if the class is instead a Snatch session + the same metcon…we’re likely to have the right mindset of moving properly in the metcon because we’ve had the necessary coaching and progressions in the WL portion.  This gives the coach an actual chance to coach, leaving the athlete primed and ready for the movement both physically and mentally!

So next time you’re hammering out 150 wall-balls in a WOD, be thankful that your posterior chain is moving properly from the back-squats you just did!


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