What do you know about FIBER?

On this week’s edition of “Let’s talk Nutrition” we talk about, FIBER.

What is Fiber? Why do we need Fiber? And how do I get Fiber in my diet?

Fiber is a carbohydrate that our bodies cannot digest so it helps keep everything in our system working and flowing properly, if you know what I mean.

Not only does Fiber help with a healthy digestive system, and a healthy gut, it can also help with excess toxins and hormones invading our bodies. Fiber will attach to these excess substances and carry them on out with them.

If you are having any gut or digestive issues, excess inflammation or hormone imbalances, track your fiber intake and see if you may be lacking in this area.

I recommend 25-35 grams for women and 35-45 grams for men, per day.

Here is a cheat sheet of Fiber rich foods to help you on your way to living your best gut healthy life!


Fruits and Grains

200g Sweet Potato: 6g

125g Black Beans: 8g

100g Chickpeas: 7g

40g Oatmeal: 5g

44g Quinoa: 3g

125g Banana: 4g

100g Blackberries: 6g

100g Raspberries: 5g

1 Medium Apple: 4-5g

1 Medium Orange: 4-5g


100g Avocado: 7g

1T Chia Seeds: 5g

1T Flax Seeds: 4g



1 Artichoke: 10g

100g Carrots: 3g

100g Broccoli: 2.5g

100g Brussel Sprouts: 4g







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