What’s My Why?

The condensed story of My why and where my passion for Nutrition coaching comes from.

I don’t share my story very often because I am not one to talk about myself much, but occasionally I have found I have to share my story in case it resonates with someone else that may be going through or has gone through similar situations or for those that just want to get to know me better, so here it goes.

From 2003-2006 I was in a severely abusive relationship that left me unknowingly with severe PTSD. Being in my early 20’s my coping skills weren’t the best and I began to use food as my coping mechanism which then turned into a battle with bulimia that would take me years to openly admit and seek help for.

I was so lucky in 2012 to receive my CrossFit level 1 certification and my USAW Level 1 cert, because they hammered on the importance of nutrition just as much or even more than just coaching clients through the physical exercises and I immediately took these lessons and used them on myself first.

I began focusing on my why for the foods I was putting in my body. I wouldn’t buy foods that I knew made me feel a cetin way, and soon I found that my behavior and thought process around food began to change. It wasn’t perfect, I fell down a few times and every day is still a practice of continuing to find a healthy balance of my Why when it comes to food and loving my body at every stage it is in.

I have learned to use food as a tool for how I am feeling and for my goals. I do my best to lead by example to all of those around me in the gym and at home as I teach my children how food is a powerful tool for them to use to reach their goals.

These are some questions I ask myself and my clients regularly:

How does this food make me/you feel after you eat or drink it?

Is there a specific training goal we are trying to hit?

Is weighing and measuring my food for a short period of time what I need?

Am I aware enough to intuitively eat and listen to the feedback my body and brain and are giving me?

All of us has a story, and mine has given me the tools to be able to helps others in learning that sometimes there are emotions attached to the foods we eat and that is okay. We just need to accept and recognize them so we can check in with ourselves when those emotions arise.

There isn’t one way to eat or to create a healthy relationship with food and there isn’t one way that works best for everyone. It is what works best for you, your lifestyle and your goals.

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