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It feels like post Christmas break.  When we had sent our high school athletes home for a couple of weeks with no gym time.  And upon their return to a cold empty school, we would spread trash cans in each of the four corners of the gym.  It was “see who put in work during break and who didn’t” time!

I think if I yelled “BASELINE!” to one of my former basketball players, while at Safeway, they would have so much muscle memory ingrained that they may get in a ready stance next to the cheerios!

There was always a fear of coming back from break and being “that kid” who has to use the trash can to throw up after sprints (suicides for you old schoolers out there).

When we all return back from this “out” break, we won’t have trash cans in the gym.  But we will have some ‘Eric’s’ spread around to give you a hug…it may be a virtual hug still at that point, but a hug nonetheless.

We’re 1 week into our mandatory shutting of doors at CF 7070.  But in that time, the support of our FitFam community has been simply amazing.

Here are some bright spots:

  • Positive interaction on our FB Member’s Page , with many posting their workout highlights at home.
  • We’ve kicked off our Online Personal Training program.  If you have not yet filled out the goals form, please do so HERE. And now that we’re in full force, we’ve got WODIFY wods (both equipment and non-equipment options) for us to share the excitement in a more coordinated effort.
  • Several members attendance in doing their WODs have actually increased in a time like this.  One member states about the Personal Training: “This is exactly what I needed to get back into it”
  • After one member was laid off, another anonymously paid her membership for the month of April. (This act of kindness got me going – I didn’t know I was a crier!)
  • We kicked off our Resilience Challenge on March 23.  One member states that this sparked her son to try some “Lebron” calming meditation.
  • There is a “I do 10, you do 10” craze going around: something you can’t refuse if someone tags you!  (Please no-one tag me to do a 20 minute row please!)

I have to give our coaching staff major props during this time.  Regular Zoom meetings to put our heads together about how to create a great experience for our members:

Our coaching staff doing our best Brady Bunch impersonation (Coach Sara’s idea)

Let’s keep at!  I encourage you to come back not needing that trash can (and if you do, that’s okay!).  Keep working with your Coach!  Is your goal to gain muscle?  Let’s do it!  Intense workouts when using light to moderate weight can be an excellent catalyst for muscle growth.  Or how about burn fat?  Sure – our coaches would LOVE to work with you on that.  And even more so – just to be there…it could very well earn you a couple “mindset” points on that resilience challenge! #hulkfit

-Coach Mark

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