What goes into programming?

You tell people you do CrossFit, don’t you?  In fact, it’s unwritten that the first rule of CF is to tell people about CF!  And if you do, what do you say when those folks ask you what it is?  I would actually be curious to all the various answers!

If someone were to ask me at Safeway, I would tell them it’s a strength and conditioning program with a brand new workout everyday, and we keep it fun.

Is there more to that answer?  There absolutely is…in fact 200+ pages more that you can read in the Level 1 guide HERE.

But that’s okay…you have to sometimes gradually administer the “Kool-aid” that is CF. Besides, some things are best shown by example (that’s not your license to start overhead lunging a pack of oranges while in the grocery store).

So because you all so proudly identify yourselves as CrossFitters to your friends (or random people at Safeway), then it’s good to know a little more about what CF really is, and thus a little bit more about what goes into the programming.

At 30,000 feet we have CF as a fitness program

At 20,000 feet we have General Physical Preparedness, or GPP

At 10,000 feet we have Constantly Varied Functional Movement performed at High Intensity

At 7,070 feet (see what we did there?), we have Level Method…and THIS is the lens at which we aim to accomplish the 10k foot view.  When working out at your Level, we believe that you’re able to carry out the intent of the workout much more effectively, and as a result get fitter at a faster (and safer) rate.

Every workout we design has an intent to hit a different energy system, which is a fancy term for how your body uses different fuels to move.  For instance, the system you use for weightlifting or sprinting is going to be different than what you use on a long hike.  So lets make sure we train all systems so that when the time comes, your body can actually go for a hike with your family, or you can safely race your kiddo across the parking lot, or you’re able to walk the next day after moving into your dorm…the list goes on and on…and through the programming you’re ultimately becoming a better version of yourself!

We use a combination of programming directly from Level Method, programming that our own coaches write, and a combination of the two.  And while it seems like some workouts leave you sore for the next day (or two or three), understand that this is you becoming fit.  We never promised you it would be easy, but we will promise you it will be worth it.  So get in the gym and try and win the 2021 attendance award, but also have fun in the process.  You come through the door, and we’ll take care of the rest.

No one has yet to ask me at Safeway what CF is, but I’ll be ready!

-Coach Mark


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